BCAA 12:1:1

BCAA 12:1:1 by HN Nutrition is a compound of branched amino acids. The BCAA’s (Branched Chain Amino Acid) are three essential amino acids that the body can’t manufacture and therefore must be acquired through diet or supplementation.
Branched amino acids account for 40% of the daily requirement in the body and must be provided through proteins. Among its functions we can highlight the contribution of nitrogen to the cells to be able to carry out their metabolic functions.
BCAA 12:1:1 by HN Nutrition stimulates protein synthesis by enhancing absorption and acts as an energetic element during muscle contraction.
It also decreases fatigue during exercise and improves recovery. BCAA’s favor muscle building.
BCAA 12:1:1 by HN Nutrition contains the best 12-1-1 anabolic ratio for muscle recovery after intense workouts.
Numerous studies have shown that this ratio is best for optimum intake of BCAA with the highest possible efficiency and stimulate protein synthesis to help increase muscle mass.
BCAA 12:1:1 by HN Nutrition comes in 1,000 mg capsules allowing us to ingest a high amount of BCAA with a smaller intake of units per day.


Recommended daily dose: 10 capsules.

How to use: To protect the muscles from degradation take 5 capsules 30-60 minutes before physical activity.
To speed muscle recovery take 5 capsules immediately after physical activity.

Presentation: BCAA 12:1:1 comes in a container of 100 capsules