GI40 Cereal

GI40 Cereal, from HN Nutrition, contains a carefully selected variety of cereal flour being the best on the Health Market.
GI40 Cereal has a very low glycaemic index. A glycaemic index (GI) of 40 guarantees prevention of unwanted insulin spikes by maintaining stable glucose levels. GI40 Cereal is, therefore, an excellent source of carbohydrates of impeccable quality and can be incorporated into all kinds of diets, whatever the desired goal. GI40 Cereal is also intended for anyone who is conscious of their health and well-being.
GI40 Cereal is 100% natural.
GI40 Cereal is naturally rich in protein and is high of biological value, in; vitamins, in trace elements and fibres.
GI40 Cereal also contains minerals such as Phosphorus, Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium and Iron. These minerals are involved in the body's metabolic processes including the formation and maintenance of bones, production of hormones, stimulation of the heart and transmission of nerve impulses.
GI40 Cereal also provides a small amount of fat (mainly mono-unsaturated). The fat is mainly unsaturated in order to improve blood cholesterol levels. In turn, this reduces of the risk of cardiovascular problems.
GI40 Cereal is an excellent source of fibre and beta-glucans.
-Fibres have an excellent filling effect and regularize the transit.
-Beta-glucans enable the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels; the beneficial effect is obtained with daily consumption of 3 g of beta-glucans.
GI40 Cereal is a pH regulator. The basifying effect will make it possible to alkalise the organism especially when the diet is rich in proteins. GI40 Cereal will so have a beneficial effect on the kidneys since it will regulate the acidity of the waste such as urine.
GI40 Cereal will be very beneficial for the whole family and for whoever wants to increase their muscle mass or requires an energy supply.

GI40 Cereal by HN Nutrition is beneficial and recommended for:

       · Carbohydrates with low glycaemic index (GI = 40)
       · Slow releasing energy
       · Source of fibres and beta-glucans
       · Reduces and maintains a normal blood cholesterol level
       · Very filling
       · Regulates transit
       · Controls and stabilizes blood glucose levels
       · Provides an abundance of health benefits
       · Promotes general well-being

       · Mixes very fast and easy
       · 100% natural cereal based
       · Top quality raw material products
       · Excellent flavour
       · Unique composition HN Nutrition


How to use: Mix 40 g with 200 ml of liquid. GI40 Cereal can be taken with water, skimmed milk, Whey Pure Protein, fruit juice or egg whites. Alternatively, add to any home recipe.

1. Porridge: mix 1 pod (40 g) with 200 ml of hot water or milk. Mix well with a spoon until it likens the consistency of porridge. Wait about 2 minutes. To sweeten it, add a little honey and/or some fruit and nuts. Mixing proportions can be adjusted according to taste.
2. Drink: Mix 1 pod (40 g) with 300 ml of water or skimmed milk. Use a blender or shaker, mix for 30 seconds. You can also add GI40 Cereal to your favourite protein mix. 
Tip: GI40 Cereal can be consumed at any time of the day, hot or cold, and can also be used in your recipes: cakes, pancakes, puddings, thick sauces, egg whites or add to any home recipe.

Flavour: Gourmet Chocolate, Cookies & Cream or White Chocolate.


Ingredients: Whole oat flour, flavourings and sweetener: Sucralose.