Krea Complex

HN Nutrition has developed a supplement of the latest generation with a 100% natural creatine complex, with the particularities of being 100% absorbed by the body without any conversion to creatinine. They remain stable until their complete insertion in the muscular cells. Krea Complex is a creatine complex with a unique formula that combines Kre-Alkalin®, Creatine AKG and Creatine Pyruvate, the most effective creatines on the market and having a synergistic effectiveness and complement each other.

Krea Complex by HN Nutrition does not need to be charged.
Krea Complex is the best precursor of ATP.
Krea Complex provides the most notable effects: increase of maximum strength, improve explosive strength, improve muscle growth or hypertrophy and better congestion during workouts. It also promotes muscle recovery after intensive training.
Krea Complex has no harmful effects on the body.
Krea Complex contains the best synergy between each creatine in its complex allowing 100% blood assimilation by each and in the muscle cells.

HN Nutrition has created a unique formula from the most efficient raw materials with excellent results for athletes who want to improve their physical abilities and increase their muscle mass.
Krea Complex is an excellent source of safe energy for all athletes in a healthy and natural way.


       · Complex of the best creatinas patented 100% natural
       · 100% assimilable
       · No fluid retention
       · Increased strength
       · Increased resistance
       · Increased endurance

       · Increased muscle energy
       · Improves muscle volume and muscle growth
       · Increases recovery

       · Improves muscle congestion
       · Decreases lactic acid
       · Very high quality raw materials

       · Unique composition HN Nutrition


Recommended daily dose: 4 capsules.

How to use: Take 4 capsules before sport with a glass of water.